Reaching out to the young generation – Interviews by Nandhitha and Mahesh

“The purpose of the book (Songs of the Mist) is to reach out to the young generation, who sadly do not relate to our rich culture and heritage, says Shashi, Author of the Book, who admires young people like the recent recipient of Fields Medal Manjul Bhargava.” – Nandhitha

“The core focus of the book ‘Songs of the Mist’, is to be in the moment, live in the present, find purpose of your life, find goal and work towards achieving that goal” – Mahesh A Thinker, Avid blogger and great Editor.

Video Reviews by Mahesh and Nandhitha

“It is definitely one among those books, which has the huge potential to change the way you think, change the way you live… it is not the regular romantic novel, nor a regular suspense thriller neither it is a self help book… It is just free flow of thoughts. It is an outpouring of one man, who for about 20 years thought about how to distill his life’s experiences, how to bring about the essence of Bhagwat Gita for a generation that seems to question what is the purpose of reading them now, which has been handed down from generation…” – Mahesh An avid blogger, a thinker and great

“This book is not only about spirituality, I want to add that this could be a book about heart break and love, it could be a manual, it could be just about anything. The Monk Key, I believe, is key to yourself.” Nandhitha – Editor, professional and a great creative thinker.

Different layers of Songs of the Mist’s existence…

“At the very basic level “Songs of the Mist” is a love story… it has got heart break and pain… but it also has underlying layer, which I would like readers to get to and understand.” from Book Reading organised by Apparao Galleries

In the session, I have shared some of the lines from the book, I have liked from my book at the event organised by Apparao Galleries at The Leela Palace Hotels on 14th May, 2015.

Timeri N Murari’s introduction to my book…

“Shashi’s descriptive beauty of the mystic nature of Himalayas interwoven with sufferings and the heartaches, and struggle of each protagonist, provide eloquent and thought provoking read. Not a book to browsed at glance and to reach books full potential demands commitment and investment of time to savor its subtlety and do grows.” – TIMERI N MURARI, Author, Journalist, Play write and Script writer introduces my book to the august gathering at the Hotel Leela Palace, Chennai.


‘Songs of the Mist’ Reading at The Leela Palace – Chennai

An Evening of Art, Music and Writing

Swetha Sriram – Disciple of Bombay Jayashree opens the evening
with her devotional songs

The Leela Palace Hotel and Perspectives along with Apparao Gallery created an evening of “Art, Music and Writing”, on 14th May, 2016. In the program, I was invited to give my readers an interactive experience to my book “Songs of the Mist” – a reading of the Book, accompanied by the music of Swetha Sriram (Vocal), Vittal Rangan (Violin) and Thanjavur Praveen (Mridangam).

The attentive audience

The event was hosted by untiring host Sindhiya from Apparao Gallery, which also included unveiling of the cover page of my coffee table book.
Hostess Sindhiya of Apparao Gallery

In the cross disciplinary evening of Art, Music and Writing my good friend Timeri N Murari – author of 14 books including ‘The Taj’ as well as writer producer of the feature film ‘The Square Circle’ introduced my book ‘Songs of the Mist’, after which we were all transported to the exquisite realm of karnatic music, rendering the Leela Palace Galleria with devotion and melody. The ambience was highlighted by the surreal display of landscapes and soft hues of mist and natural earth colors by the artists – N Sriram (Chennai) and Bhavana (Mumbai)

Timeri N Murari – Introducing my book “Songs of the Mist”

Essence of the Divine Song
The Essence of Divine Song – Cover Painting
by Keshav Sir

This coffee table book has all the 9 songs of the Monk from my book “Songs of the Mist” as well as some of the Haiku and thoughts from the book. The book’s cover page is by famous cartoonist of Hindu, Mr. Keshav -one of the finest Krishna Bhakta, I have come across in Chennai. The book is conceptualized by Krishan Kumar Sharma, which includes Photographs by Goutam Chakraborty, Suresh Thommandram and some of my pictures as well.

The team and some of the images from the book…

Here are some of the pictures from the evening…

The invites…
Some of the readers…

And the people…

Selfie Time…
The Chennai Bloggers and the Family Gang
Media Blitz for the event…
Slides from my presentation… My experience in Himalayas
over the decades…
The book reading slides…


ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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Songs of the Mist – Back to the root


A Quest to Himalayas

Indian Express 14th May, 2016
“I wanted the younger generation to understand spirituality”, recalling his experience with a youngster who asked ‘What’s the point of being spiritual?” writes Roshne in the article “A Quest to the Himalayas..” in today’s Indian Express.

Younger generation needs to reconnect..
Younger generation needs to reconnect..

Looking forward to see you all in ‘An evening of Art, Music and Writing’ at The Leela Palace Hotel around 7PM, where I talk about my book “Songs of the Mist” and why did I publish it.