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Calm Eternity

From Holy River Ganges @ Varanasi 2016
From Holy River Ganges @ Varanasi 2016

Close all the senses
Hold your mind on untouched breath
Calm eternity

Haiku from the first song of the Monk, based on Bhagwad Gita’s Shloka, first published in the book Songs of the Mist (Pg 14).

The Monk in his wandering across Himalaya, alongwith Ashutosh, sings 9 songs, which he called the songs of the mist, to make Ashutosh see the reason of life and about the way of Yogi. In this Haiku, as advised by Krishna in Bhagwad Gita Shloka from Chapter 3, to find the peace within one has to get away from sense desires and focus on inner self. This, as the monk says, can only happen through the yogi’s breathing practice.

The video trailer of “Songs of the Mist” released by Notion Press

Video Trailer of “Songs of the Mist” released on Jan 28, 2016 by Notion Press
A life, less ordinary made extraordinary by the search for the divinity within. Tracing the journeys of people from varied professions, this is a tale of self-discovery, the science of spirituality and long-lost love while a young scientist comes to terms with his childhood dreams.

Join an uplifting narrative crafted by Shashi as he takes you on a journey with the Monk- high on the mountains and in depths of broken hearts.

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The Online Presence…

Singing with Bhojpuri Folk Artists
With Bhojpuri Folk Singers…

The Book has it’s own website now and at the Google Plus an upcoming group “How To Publish A Book” where an interesting set of people has joined in the journey.

The music is being created by one of the finest music director, my friend Paul Jacob, who has travelled the world with well known folk artists across major cities. He was also founding member of a Band along with Oscar winner A R Rahman – The Mozart of Madras.


1) Creating Online Presence
2) Expanding Network
3) Packaging


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