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Amazon Kindle Best Seller Rank #1118 – “Songs of the Mist”

Ranking #1118 amongst Millions of Kindle books & few latest Reviews: Songs Of The Mist

Excellent book with Uniqueness – Written in the backdrop of the Himalayas, the book unravels the mysteries in an unique manner with an elegant touch. I look forward to read Songs of the Mist volume 2 and I am sure that Shashi’s upcoming books will also seduces the readers.” – Anand N on 29th March.

“The books talks in great detail about the spiritualism by combining it really well with the real life incidents making it a perfect connect. This is where the writer strikes the chord as this would appeal for both – atheist and theist.” – Sarath March 29th.

Best Seller Rank #1118
Best Seller Rank #1118