Team – Editing

I believe that good editing is the most important process for any fiction writing, hence I have had given some serious thoughts to editing of my first book “The Monk Key” . Now it has gone into Editing phase with three very good editors, who I believe are closer to my thought process. This personal connection, I believe, is required to bring out the underlying essence of my books, i.e. “Science of spirituality is nurture the divinity within” to the forefront.

Waiting ...
Waiting …

I am happy to announce our editorial team, before it goes into publication, by end of Oct, 2015.

MaheshNandhitha (Recommended by my good friend and a great author herself Ganga Bharani ) and Sowmya.

Team Editing
Team Editing

Mahesh – A professional editor, who understands my way of writing, my ideas and thoughts and has been avid reader of my blog for years together, so I can easily relate with him and take his honest and professional opinion about the book.

Team - Editing
Team – Editing

Nandhitha – A dynamic and young professional editor, who already has edited few books and is on the verge of becoming an author herself. She understands my target audience i.e young and serious readers, quite well and knows what will make it better for the genre.

Team Editing
Team Editing

Secondly, Sowmya Swaminathan has agreed to help me with beta reading of the book, in terms of content editing. I am highly obliged for her support in this process.

I am very grateful to have them in our team to create a good product for young, aware and serious readers of fiction.
IMAGE: One of the very famous cartoon character ‘ Common Man ‘ by Famous cartoonist R K Laxman, at Worli Sea Face, Mumbai. I was really sad to see this one removed, some years back .

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