Remembering A Beautiful Mind…

Image curtsy Wikipedia
Image curtsy Wikipedia

It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found” – John Forbes Nash, Jr .

As a lover of Mathematics, logic and having connected with Nash through the Movie ‘Beautiful Mind’ where Russell Crowe brilliantly portrayed him, I was sad to hear that the brilliant Game Theorist along with his wife perished in an unfortunate accident yesterday. In my opinion, the beauty of John Forbes Nash Jr., apart from an amazingly clear thought preceptor, was his humility. The way with which he accepted his mental illness (which he relentlessly fought to regain for years) and his words below touched me deeply.

At the present time I seem to be thinking rationally again in the style that is characteristic of scientists. However this is not entirely a matter of joy as if someone returned from physical disability to good physical health. One aspect of this is that rationality of thought imposes a limit on a person’s concept of his relation to the cosmos “. – Nash

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The Online Presence…

Singing with Bhojpuri Folk Artists
With Bhojpuri Folk Singers…

The Book has it’s own website now and at the Google Plus an upcoming group “How To Publish A Book” where an interesting set of people has joined in the journey.

The music is being created by one of the finest music director, my friend Paul Jacob, who has travelled the world with well known folk artists across major cities. He was also founding member of a Band along with Oscar winner A R Rahman – The Mozart of Madras.


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