Amazon Kindle Best Seller Rank #1118 – “Songs of the Mist”

Ranking #1118 amongst Millions of Kindle books & few latest Reviews: Songs Of The Mist

Excellent book with Uniqueness – Written in the backdrop of the Himalayas, the book unravels the mysteries in an unique manner with an elegant touch. I look forward to read Songs of the Mist volume 2 and I am sure that Shashi’s upcoming books will also seduces the readers.” – Anand N on 29th March.

“The books talks in great detail about the spiritualism by combining it really well with the real life incidents making it a perfect connect. This is where the writer strikes the chord as this would appeal for both – atheist and theist.” – Sarath March 29th.

Best Seller Rank #1118
Best Seller Rank #1118

A reader’s view…

An email from a reader about my book “Songs of the Mist”.
“When I opened the parcel itself I could find that a sort of peace surrounded my mind in a sort of awareness. As I started reading it, I felt very gloomy and sorrows filled my heart – I don’t know why. But as I continued reading I could understand that it was (may be) because of the agony Ashutosh underwent. Later on after few chapters my mind became peaceful and in the very next chapter itself Ashu could come out of that slowly.

Kyaka – a manifestation of the Monk in a certain mental plane to help Ashu to come out of his agony and Karma to enable him to renounce, is an interesting character.

When I was reading about the Kali at the Mountaintop, even before Ashu reached the peak, strangely tears started coming out of my eyes. As I went on reading Ashu also cried. It created a longing feeling that I should see Kolkata Kali once again.

The landscape of Badrinath – Kedarnath / Alaknanda was described wonderfully, especially the mountain paths the Monk preferred to take, as if the reader could visualize it. (I wondered why few photos were not inserted). It makes the reader to long for a lovely holy dip in Alaknanda. Really you are very lucky to have travelled far and wide in Himalayan Region.

Anishka – lovely character.

After finished reading the book, it gives a sort of fulfillment. To be preserved, I kept the book along with my yoga books to read again later.” – Revathi Chari