Reaching out to the young generation – Interviews by Nandhitha and Mahesh

“The purpose of the book (Songs of the Mist) is to reach out to the young generation, who sadly do not relate to our rich culture and heritage, says Shashi, Author of the Book, who admires young people like the recent recipient of Fields Medal Manjul Bhargava.” – Nandhitha

“The core focus of the book ‘Songs of the Mist’, is to be in the moment, live in the present, find purpose of your life, find goal and work towards achieving that goal” – Mahesh A Thinker, Avid blogger and great Editor.

Video Reviews by Mahesh and Nandhitha

“It is definitely one among those books, which has the huge potential to change the way you think, change the way you live… it is not the regular romantic novel, nor a regular suspense thriller neither it is a self help book… It is just free flow of thoughts. It is an outpouring of one man, who for about 20 years thought about how to distill his life’s experiences, how to bring about the essence of Bhagwat Gita for a generation that seems to question what is the purpose of reading them now, which has been handed down from generation…” – Mahesh An avid blogger, a thinker and great

“This book is not only about spirituality, I want to add that this could be a book about heart break and love, it could be a manual, it could be just about anything. The Monk Key, I believe, is key to yourself.” Nandhitha – Editor, professional and a great creative thinker.

Different layers of Songs of the Mist’s existence…

“At the very basic level “Songs of the Mist” is a love story… it has got heart break and pain… but it also has underlying layer, which I would like readers to get to and understand.” from Book Reading organised by Apparao Galleries

In the session, I have shared some of the lines from the book, I have liked from my book at the event organised by Apparao Galleries at The Leela Palace Hotels on 14th May, 2015.