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A design and creativity professional, run an Interior Design Firm in India. Love reading and writing Poetry, Haiku and books on Spirituality. Currently experimenting with my own self enlightenment. Enjoy spiritual journeys across India, mainly in the forest and caves of Himalaya's. My favorite activity is shadow dancing with the Mind

The Monk Key

Meaning of life
Meaning of life

Life, Love and Live… is “The Monk Key.”

The Monk Key” is a three volume book series, following the life of a Monk, who is on the path of self discovery. The first book of the series is scheduled to be published by end of October, 2015.

The first book begins in Geneva, where a research Scientist at CERN, stumbles upon a curious pattern in his data analysis, which triggers his search for some answers from his past and look for the Monk…

The second book of the series follows the self exploration and life of the Monk, along with the research scientist as well as some persons from monk’s past life. Along the way, a wandering mystic joins in the story as a catalyst…

The third and the final book of the series follows the Monk in his journey from the mountains to the plains…

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