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Over a period of some years, I have been writing reviews of new authors at my blog which has more than Half Million hits and read by 700+ readers every day. Initially I reviewed most of my friend’s book but now I would like to do so more comprehensively, in order to help new authors to reach out to their target audience.

Hence I started a regular feature at my blog “Shadow Dancing With Mind“, displayed at the top right corner of my blog as SPOT LIGHT to promote new authors and help them to reach their target audience.

New Authors Featured at my Blog : Shadow Dancing With Mind
New Authors Featured at my Blog : Shadow Dancing With Mind

It is for FREE but I intend to be very selective about the books I going to feature in the SPOTLIGHT and give an honest review, as and when I do it.

If you fulfil the following requirements, please send me an email (you can find it here) to take the process forward…

1) SYNOPSIS: Should be enough to interest me to write review about it.
2) AVAILABILITY: I will review only if it’s available online, in hard copy format, as I would like to buy it to read.  If it is available only on Kindle / Online versions, I will not review as I don’t like reading books on computer screen.
3) GENRE: Spirituality, Psychology, Non-Fiction, Intense Action thrillers, Self Help, Poetry, Historic, Romance, Young Adult, and comic books and in the same order.
4) EDITED: I will only review books that are edited by some one other than the author, author’s friend, relatives and colleagues (in case some one has gone ahead with a friend, relative or colleague as he/she is a great editor, then I need to know if it was a paid service. (This unconventional requirement is only because I would like to save my self from the trauma of reading a book full of grammatical errors / typos / bad english)

If you fulfil the above criteria, please send me an Email (you can find it here) with subject heading as “FOR SPOT LIGHT – (Book Name / Genre / Author’s Name)“.

PLEASE NOTE: The email should contain…
1) Synopsis
2) Brief Biodata and Picture of the author
3) Link to the book availability at Amazon or Flipkart (These are the only two places I would like to buy the book from), book’s blurb and cover Image.
4) Editor’s email ID to connect with him or her to know more about the book, what caught his / her attention in the book. I know it is unconventional but will save me a lot of time in selecting a book to feature in SPOTLIGHT

Once your book is selected, I will send a questionnaire to be answered by you about your book. There after, I will give you the date when it will be published, for you to read the review in SPOTLIGHT and share the link to your friends and at your social media platforms.

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