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What’s going on, in the day to day life of a book on it’s journey to reach the audience…

Amazon Kindle Best Seller Rank #1118 – “Songs of the Mist”

Ranking #1118 amongst Millions of Kindle books & few latest Reviews: Songs Of The Mist

Excellent book with Uniqueness – Written in the backdrop of the Himalayas, the book unravels the mysteries in an unique manner with an elegant touch. I look forward to read Songs of the Mist volume 2 and I am sure that Shashi’s upcoming books will also seduces the readers.” – Anand N on 29th March.

“The books talks in great detail about the spiritualism by combining it really well with the real life incidents making it a perfect connect. This is where the writer strikes the chord as this would appeal for both – atheist and theist.” – Sarath March 29th.

Best Seller Rank #1118
Best Seller Rank #1118

The Online Presence…

Singing with Bhojpuri Folk Artists
With Bhojpuri Folk Singers…

The Book has it’s own website now and at the Google Plus an upcoming group “How To Publish A Book” where an interesting set of people has joined in the journey.

The music is being created by one of the finest music director, my friend Paul Jacob, who has travelled the world with well known folk artists across major cities. He was also founding member of a Band along with Oscar winner A R Rahman – The Mozart of Madras.


1) Creating Online Presence
2) Expanding Network
3) Packaging


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The Monk Key

Meaning of life
Meaning of life

Life, Love and Live… is “The Monk Key.”

The Monk Key” is a three volume book series, following the life of a Monk, who is on the path of self discovery. The first book of the series is scheduled to be published by end of October, 2015.

The first book begins in Geneva, where a research Scientist at CERN, stumbles upon a curious pattern in his data analysis, which triggers his search for some answers from his past and look for the Monk…

The second book of the series follows the self exploration and life of the Monk, along with the research scientist as well as some persons from monk’s past life. Along the way, a wandering mystic joins in the story as a catalyst…

The third and the final book of the series follows the Monk in his journey from the mountains to the plains…

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