"The language (of our scripture) alone will change you" speaking at Odyssey Book Launch
“The language (of our scripture) alone will change you” speaking at Odyssey Book Launch

Shashi is the author of “Songs of the Mist” – a spiritual fiction that traces a young man’s journey in search of inner peace with a wandering mysterious Monk across Himalayan peaks and deep valleys. He has been adjudged #1 Spiritual Blogger of India by popular blog aggregators like Indiblogger etc.

Shashi also conduct workshops on Haiku, Writing Fiction as well as on Spiritual Well Being.

He is founding partner and CEO of pan India Interior Project Firm (ICUBE Projects), based out of Chennai.

He loves reading and writing Poetry, Haiku and books on Spirituality.  He enjoys spiritual journeys across India, mainly in the forests and caves of Himalaya’s. His first book of “The Monk Key’ series “Songs of the Mist” was created in those holistic and mysterious surroundings.

He is currently writing his second book of the three part series “The Monk Key“, which is planned to be published by January, 2017.

Songs of the Mist
Songs of the Mist

The first part of the Series, ‘Songs of the Mist‘ has been published in Dec, 2015 to critical acclaim.
“Many of us here yearn for something more in our life. Shashi has provided a spiritual release in his beautiful book, “Songs of the Mist”. It’s unusual and thought provoking book. The book answers questions that we struggle to frame in our daily lives. Shashi’s descriptive beauty of the mystic nature of Himalayas interwoven with sufferings and the heartaches, and the struggle of each protagonist, provide eloquent and thought provoking read. Not a book to be browsed at glance and to reach books full potential demands commitment and investment of time to savor its subtlety and do grows.” – Timeri N Murari, Author, Journalist, Screen Writer

Shashi’s upcoming books are…

Tushaar Geet – Hindi Translation of “Songs of the Mist” : Nov, 2016

A Beginners Guide to Inner Peace – Haiku : Nov, 2016

Second Part of “The Monk Key” Series : January 2017

Essence of Divine Song – Selected Bhagwat Gita Verses in Haiku form : January, 2017


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