Odyssey Book Launch

Songs of the Mist” book launch and Tushar Geet – Hindi translation of my book to be published by Story Mirror was organised by Odyssey Book store, Chennai on 24th July.

Some images from the Odyssey Book Launch
Some images from the Odyssey Book Launch

It was a wonderful discussion with creative people like Blaaze – Famous Rap Artist and Keshav – The famous Hindu News Paper Cartoonist. As the purpose of my book is to reach out to younger generation and inspire them to read the wonderful treasure trove of our ancient knowledge carried with our Indian culture and heritage, the discussion with the guests was engrossing.

Some of the speakers at the launch
Some of the speakers at the launch

BlaaZe, who performed a beautiful rendition of Shymala Dandakkam at the launch, underlined my thoughts with his talk.

“When you just listen to it (Shlokas etc), …the sanskrit syllables are enough to get you positive energy, without knowing anything about it. … it can only bring peace in a world like this”. – Blaaze

Keshav advised the young generation that there is much more to our Vedic culture, citing his own experience as an artist, who paints Krishna on daily basis and shares to the world. It has to be experienced personally to understand the intricacies and the beauty in it.

"The Language alone will change you" - Shashi
“The Language alone will change you” – Shashi

As far as I am concerned, the purpose of my book “Songs of the Mist” is to get young generation to go back to our heritage and culture. Find the beauty of its language and underlying deeper thoughts… if that is hard to do, read the Sanskrit Text as the beauty of the language itself will change you…

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