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The Ganga and the Old Peepul Tree…

 In the beginning the river Ganges is so swift and fast that nothing much remains same on her way over a period. It carves its way out of the mountains and forests and reaches the sea to submerge. That is the way we begin our life too. In our childhood, we are full of energy and as we reach the end, we become sluggish and powerless.

The all powerful flowing river, Holy Ganges reached the edge of its journey, ready to merge with the eternal sea, and as the silt rises from all sides to block its path, an indestructible Peepul tree reaches out to hold her hands with a promise of a renewed life…

The roots above sway
Leaves and branches flowing down
Life whispers soft hymns
A rustling inner
Silence flows; eternity
Stillness falls; being.

Beginning less end
An Endless beginning,
Seeds Nature, self of tree
O! Ganga, flow and
You are. Karmic barriers
Not being is fall
Wait! The endless drops
Your flowing
Nature, uplift
Friend, friend of being
And when you arrive
Eternity of silence,
Withdraw like tortoise
Close all the senses
Hold your mind on untouched breath
Calm eternity
The waves upon waves
Illusion flickering dreams
Desire, Anger storm
Destruction begins
Difference lies in the end
Flowing red bloodstreams
A deep sigh; calm mind
Strip desires to its dry bones
And the rotting flesh
Burning your passions,
Fire and ashes merge into
An Eternal peace
O! Ganga, Ocean
Will merge in your being
Om! Om! Echoes of peace
(From Songs of the Mist – Page 10)

“The sluggish river, as it brings all the mud of its karma over the life lived, which inhibits its merging with the eternal sea. The silence is attained in the end, before another journey begins; the stillness of being at the precipice of another fall or rise, an endless beginning, where our nature itself is the seed for another tree or another river to burst forth. 
But the Holy Ganges is in doubts, to which it says, that flowing is your being, so flow over the karmic barriers that hinders your emergence into a different space, because if you don’t, then you don’t exist. 

So you see, son, it’s our duty to do what we are destined to do in life, and do it despite obstacles and doubts. It is our nature to be and do and it is our inner self that lifts us up after a fall as a friend does. Now when you cross the barriers, you must withdraw your ego, senses, and desires; to continue what you have been doing, surrender to the sea, withdrawing all that was there around you, within you as the tortoise does. Just be in the silence of being, and merge in the eternity that is around you. And the eternal sea will, wave upon wave, change your individual self into universal consciousness. 

Death is not the destruction of your body or the flowing stream, but the merging of your dreams, desires, sorrow, and anger into an eternal calm—a deep sigh that echoes an eternal calm of eternity. O Ganga! That is OM.” 

– The Monk in “Songs of the Mist” (Page 35)


As we take tentative steps of living day to day, we forget to realise that without a sense of belongingness, kindness towards all that we have been blessed with and inner flowering of love, it just brings us closer to an end….

We carry the ego, the pride and the pleasures every day as we have not realised the freedom of unburdened living. In our thoughts, we are tied to the ground of small pleasures and achievements in cocoon of our minds, without realising that we have hidden  wings under the shell, ready to break free like a butterfly…. and see the beauty of life that is all around in our being…

But then we forget that flying alone is not the freedom, the colors of being but the essence of our soul lies in belonging… in flowers of love.

Because in the end, the reality lies in the nature of love rather than the logic of mind…

Writing and Poetry Workshop at Tata’s High Range School

Tata's High Range School in its pristine surrounding
Tata’s High Range School in its pristine surrounding

Honoured to be part of 32nd Annual Function of Tata’s High Range School in Munnar – Kerala as one of the Chief Guest. The good thing is that I get to interact with the young aspiring authors from Senior Classes about Creative Writing and Poetry (Haiku), in the days (20-22nd Oct) I am going to spend in Kerala’s most serene mountains and Tata’s beautiful tea gardens.

Workshops on Haiku and Writing Fiction

It was a great privilege to be part of the First Story Mirror Youth Creativity Conclave at Delhi University. I loved the enthusiasm of the young generation towards learning in my workshops on “Writing” and “Haiku”. I was thrilled to the see quality of performance Poetry which I happened to judge.

From the Workshops on Haiku and Writing at DCAC and Hansraj College, Delhi University
From the Workshops on Haiku and Writing at DCAC and Hansraj College, Delhi University

Congratulations for such a grand event, Team Story Mirror and College Ambassadors. You all deserve a huge round of applause.