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Silence and the Space between Thoughts…

“We live our life in the steps, not at the end. When the time is right, we will find our space in universal design. That space is the reality of our consciousness; rest is layers upon layers of memories, desires, and insecurities of mind. The problem is that within these layers, we lose the sense of our purpose and drift along like the clouds in the sky, inadvertently bringing rain or sunshine in our lives. But if we dive deeper into the awareness of our being, we will find the true purpose of our living.” says the Monk in “Songs of the Mist

All my loneliness
Is nothing but flowering
Silence of being

And within these layers is that one layer, the space between thoughts, the meditative silence where we can regain our balance, our purpose and live whole some life. A life of an awareness that give us an anchor which will stop us from drifting away.

In reality, the life is lived not in memories but in the moment that is passing by, in the work that you are doing, or in the thoughts that you are thinking. If we learn to live in those moments with a silence that is eternal, we can be forever alive.

Bamboo shoot in deep
Embrace; Echoes of silence
Caressing dew drops

And a deep stillness is attained in the end, just before another journey begins. The stillness of being at the precipice of another fall or at another endless beginning, our nature itself becomes the seed for another tree or another river to burst forth. In this creative surge coming from the depths of eternal silence, is the key to our happiness.

Happiness is not a function of wealth or possessions but the ability to love all that is around us and knowing that we are loved through our creation. Yes, every one is loved by some one, somewhere… As the seeds of  our meditative silence between thoughts, actions and creativity, creates new life, new idea or new beginning. It all burst forth through our own silent self… 

Eternal bliss
In the depths of inner being
Flowers of our soul