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Hindi Translation of ‘Songs of the Mist
Translated by Avnish and Archana, the book is being published by Story Mirror – Publisher from Delhi.

Cover Page

And here is a little excerpt from the book…

From page 38 of ‘Kuhaase Ke Geet’

I hope that you like the new avatar…
ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

How to Become a Best Seller : Workshop

My Talk on Story Mirror Creativity Workshop III – Apparao Galleries, Chennai

The agenda of my talk was to get the aspiring author to understand what goes on behind making a best seller and how a budding writer can work on the ideas to get to the top. The agenda of my workshop was…


First things first , to make your book a best seller, the content is the king. Write a great story with beautiful language, flesh your characters with interesting matter and thoughts, you have a winner at your hands.
Second, as I keep repeating in my talks the powerful words of Milan Kundera, “Any work of art has to have a purpose of its Existence”. Your book has to have a purpose to suastain interest in the long term.
And finally the 3rd basic thing is to “Write the Damn Book” as Naresh Fernandes advised me some years back when I was looking for the way to publish my first book, “Songs of the Mist”. This is what the enthusiastic budding authors forget to do and waste precious amount of time in contemplating, thinking and finding the right / any publisher to publish the book.

Find your champions: The best and the most powerful advise that I can give, in terms of marketing your book, is to find your champions, usually they consist of your friends, relatives and colleagues.
Create your champions: And equally powerful advise you should thing about , in the process of becoming a best seller, is to help others become a best seller. This way you will create your own champions.


Keep the buzz going
Find New angles, Promote in new ways, Launch in new places
Workshops, Book Clubs, Training
Create a platform to share your thoughts, ideas and reach out to your readers
Write something that other’s can find use for e.g my post on Hindu Lit For Life is used as archive for the official Hindu Festival Page. Click here and click on the “Archive Blog” tab. Below is the case for IndiBlogger’s BNLF Curtain Raiser, which was used in their portal for their mega blogging event last year, Oct-Nov.
In the end, here are some key points that you need not only to keep in mind but also actively pursue. Sharing also some of the pictures from the Story Mirror Creativity Workshop III. If you would like to attend the upcoming 4th Creativity Workshop, please register here


1. Advertisements on FB, Twitter and most of the social media’s do give ROI. Personal Emails do, personal interaction do. SO create an email List
2. Keep the interaction going on, help before asking for help
3. Celebrity Endorsements, High Value Influencers, High Profile Publisher’s don’t work in terms of ROI
4. Book Readers, Review Bloggers, Book reading communities work. Get on to them
5. The best turn around is your own website, blog or group is. So create each one of them and invest your time and effort on it.
6. Write the next book, get your book translated, publish Kindle versions of supplementary books
7. Create workshops, help in learning curve of your readers, provide value of your interaction
8. Solve a problem, provide support without any need of reciprocation, become an expert in your niche area
9. Focus on your area of expertise

Famous Hindu Cartoonist Keshav, Director Lingusamy and Director Brindha Sarathy from Tamil Film Industry
10. Get one blurb that counts, Get an introduction by some one of authority or expert in your area, ask for their help in spreading the word.
11. Utilise Amazon’s marketing tools

12. Finally, get your champions together, which will come from your family, friends and network.


From Book Cover Design Competition at Delhi University

In the book cover design competition Story Mirror Youth Creativity Conclave  at Delhi University, I found some of the students picked up my book “Songs of the Mist” brief to paint since it’s being published in Hindi as “Tushar Geet” by the Delhi based publisher Story Mirror, who were organising the conclave…

Some of the Book Cover Design for Tushar Geet
Some of the Book Cover Design for Tushar Geet

Thank you Rahul Gupta, Bhawan Kadyaan and Bhaskar Pratik for such lovely effort…