The Monk Key Series

Life, Love and Live… is “The Monk Key.”

The Monk Key” is a three book series, following the life of a Monk, who is on the path of self discovery. The first book of the series “Songs of the Mist” has been published on 22nd Dec, 2015 to wide critical acclaim. 

Songs of the Mist
Songs of the Mist


Here is what one of the most celebrated Author from Chennai says about ‘Songs of the Mist’.

“Despite our successes and the advent of technology, many of us still yearn for something more in our lives. Shashi has provided this spiritual release in his beautiful book Songs of the Mist: first of the 3-part in the Monk Key Series. Shashi takes us on an exploratory journey not only of the Himalayas but also self discovery through the 5 protagonists he has created in this unusual and thought provoking book. Within the tradition of our culture and history, these characters, like the Buddha, like Gurunanak, and so many others, his characters are on a search for the answers that are ultimately within us.” – Timeri N Murari, Author, Jurnalist, Screen Writer

The Monk Key Series Part II
The part two starts where, in the end of the book ‘Songs of the Mist’, all the characters are gathered to received the mysterious monk, who is going to give a 12 days lecture on Bhagwat Gita. During those days, main characters like Ashutosh, Vashudha, Calliope, Ayan, Anishka interact with each other and unravel the mystery behind their togetherness in this life. This mystery is slowly the Monk unravels to them.

As, at the end of the Part I, the Monk has advised Ashutosh to go back to Varanasi in one of his discussion at the end of their wandering together in Himalayas, the book II traces the life of Ashutosh.  He finishes his studies and after 30 years he returns to the Monk and joins the Ashram in Rishikesh.

The book II is also the story of what happens with him, Vasudha, Calliope  and Kyaka which was lightly touched upon in Part I.

While the book I, ‘Songs of the Mist’ was based on Karma Yoga, the book deals mainly with Bhakti and Gnana Yoga part of Bhagwat Gita, as the various lives story unfolds in the book.

The third and the final book of the series follows the Monk in his journey from the mountains to the plains…

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