The Monk Key” series is three part ‘Spiritual Fiction‘ to be published between 2015-2017.

Author Shashi at Event "Art, Music & Literature" at Leela Palace Hotel Chennai

Author Shashi at Event “Art, Music & Literature” at Leela Palace Hotel Chennai

The first part of the Series, ‘Songs of the Mist‘ has been published in Dec, 2015 to critical acclaim.  Chennai’s most famous Author Timeri N Murari says…

Songs of the Mist
Songs of the Mist

“Despite our successes and the advent of technology, many of us still yearn for something more in our lives. Shashi has provided this spiritual release in his beautiful book Songs of the Mist: first of the 3-part in the Monk Key Series.

Shashi takes us on an exploratory journey not only of the Himalayas but also self discovery through the 5 protagonists he has created in this unusual and thought provoking book. Within the tradition of our culture and history, these characters, like the Buddha, like Gurunanak, and so many others, his characters are on a search for the answers that are ultimately within us.” – Timeri N Murari

[Timeri N. Murari is author of 14 novels including THE TALIBAN CRICKET CLUB, TAJ- A story of Mughal India (translated into 25 languages). Time magazine chose feature film ‘THE SQUARE CIRCLE’ (Daayra), which he wrote and co-produced as one of the top 10 best films of the year.]

Within 9 days of ‘Songs of the Mist’ publication the book reached #2015 rank at Amazon. In the month of April, it hit the best seller list at Amazon, reaching #29 rank.

Shashi is currently reworking on his next part of the series, which will be published by end of the year.

His next three books is already in the process of being published…

Understanding Haiku – July, 2016

Essence of Divine Song – Selected Bhagwat Gita Verses in Haiku form – September, 2016

Kuhaase Ke Geet (Hindi Translation of ‘Songs of the Mist) – September, 2016


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